Seasonal Feathers – Painting Birds

SeasonalFeathers_CollageIf you’ve been following along you’ll know that I’ve never actually painted birds until the last few months… I received my first bird commission at Christmas time and directly after posting that finished piece I received the request for this commission you see here.

Shortly after saying yes I felt intimidated – what was I thinking?!?

This commission was for four separate 12″ x 16″ paintings – my client wanted one bird for each season of the year. The first painting (and even a little bit of the second) was a struggle. However, I fought through and by the time I got to the third piece I started to feel more confident. (Coincidentally the third one – the fall chickadee – is my favourite.)

Anyway, I’m sure it’s much more fun to look through the paintings than to listen to me carry on – thanks for popping by – here’s hoping you enjoy these!


This was my preliminary sketch – I think I stayed pretty true to it actually.


The first of four! I was happy when this was completed – it was my greatest battle.


‘Seasonal Feathers Spring’ – acrylic on canvas – 12″ x 16″


‘Seasonal Feathers Summer’ – acrylic on canvas – 12″ x 16″


‘Seasonal Feathers Fall’ – acrylic on canvas – 12″ x 16″


‘Seasonal Feathers Winter’ – acrylic on canvas – 12″ x 16″

First Painting of 2015!


Bringing you some springtime cheer on these chilly mid- winter days!
This commission is very dear to my heart… it is going to live with a family that I am super grateful for. I worked hard to pour my admiration and appreciation for these folks into this piece.


The painting was inspired by the family’s property on Duck Lake. This picture above shows their view in the fall and below you can see the abundant lupins that grace their property in the spring.

IMG_8382 IMG_8388_Small


My client wanted to include the prominent trees, the mountain/lake view and the lupins all into one composition.

To get my bearings and decide how to incorporate the important elements I did the small sketch above and then started in on my canvas.


This is a big 30″ x 40″ canvas! I love large canvases but they progress slowly… I didn’t take as many progressive shots as I usually do but I hope you enjoy seeing a little of how it came together –>



‘Untitled’, acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 40″

For now the title is a bit elusive but I’m sure it will surface soon!



The Lost Cardinal

Okay so this one was the GREATEST challenge out of all my commissions at Christmas! Mainly because of the subject matter and the colour scheme… As an illustrator I can see the potential in this idea but as a painter I seriously struggled... In the end I think my inner illustrator took over. Even though this is a full fledged painting it fits more into the illustration realm for me.

That said, my client loved it – it was exactly what she wanted – PHEW!!! It’s titled ‘Lost Cardinal’ – 16″ x 20″ – acrylic on canvas.IMG_7881_Small

Following The Snow Line IV. Yep, that’s right, #4!

How many times can an artist paint one painting? Well, 4 times for sure! Fourth time’s a charm right?

Folks come across my older paintings and sometimes they are so smitten that they commission me to paint a near replica of the original for them. This kind of commission work is an interesting experience… I don’t know if I love redoing the same painting over and over but what I do love is how excited my clients get about it and how happy they are in the end! (Mind you, since this is my fourth go around with this piece I might just need to stop here.) ;)

I thought it would be fun to show you all four together. It’s like a spot the difference game – ha ha! I’ll start with the first original I did in 2012 and then go in order until the last one which is the most recent commission from this Christmas 2014.

Be sure to let me know which one is your favourite. :D



Happy New Year

I have been waiting so long to share my Christmas commissions with you and I had hoped to post each of them in detail… However, a couple days before Christmas my health troubles started up again. Below is one of the commission pieces that I had the honour of working on before Christmas – will share more with you when things are better. 2014 was my kick-off year as an artist and I’m so VERY GRATEFUL to all of you for your support and kindness – thank-you! Hopefully I’ll be on my feet and back in action soon in the New Year.

I do hope that 2015 brings immense goodness, joy, peace and health to you and yours. Happy New Year friends!!! xoPeek

Second Time Around – New Painting

Home2_ 2'x3' - acrylic on canvas_Small

If you’ve been following me for awhile this new painting (above) might look familiar to you. Below is my original piece done in 2011 –>

HomeThis painting was actually inspired from the photograph attached below. It was taken by my dear friend Cheryl Jaggers. It is a view looking down on our farm from the up on the hill to the East of us – see that wee little house on the right? That’s our home! Hence the reason for titling my original 2011 piece above, ‘Home’.

Evansbrae_0013My client loved the original ‘Home’ that I had done and commissioned me to paint a new but very similar version for her. It was actually super fun recreating this painting – I loved having the chance to try my hand at it again. I did change quite a few details and I added a barn instead of my house. In the end though I think I improved upon the original in some ways. (You’ll have to let me know your thoughts on that – I’d love to hear!)

Ok – so here’s the process – check it out –>
IMG_7507IMG_7509IMG_7513IMG_7518Always wishing I had a studio… For now though I work in our dining room. :)


IMG_7575_SmallI really like to paint around the side edges of my canvas – I find it’s nice because then you don’t feel like you need to frame the final piece if you don’t want to.

Home2_ 2'x3' - acrylic on canvas_Small

Untitled – 2′ x 3′ – acrylic on canvas

Haven’t come up with a title for this new one yet… Any thoughts or ideas??? I’d love some suggestions!


New Art Greeting Cards

In the past month I have received quite a few requests for greeting cards that feature my work and so I’m giving this a whirl! I just posted these set of five cards in my Etsy shop today. It was hard to choose which paintings to print – hopefully I chose well… :)
The cards are 5.5″ x 4″ and they are printed on 100% recycled paper – envelopes are included. You can learn more about the cards just by clicking on the image below.