Second Time Around – New Painting

Home2_ 2'x3' - acrylic on canvas_Small

If you’ve been following me for awhile this new painting (above) might look familiar to you. Below is my original piece done in 2011 –>

HomeThis painting was actually inspired from the photograph attached below. It was taken by my dear friend Cheryl Jaggers. It is a view looking down on our farm from the up on the hill to the East of us – see that wee little house on the right? That’s our home! Hence the reason for titling my original 2011 piece above, ‘Home’.

Evansbrae_0013My client loved the original ‘Home’ that I had done and commissioned me to paint a new but very similar version for her. It was actually super fun recreating this painting – I loved having the chance to try my hand at it again. I did change quite a few details and I added a barn instead of my house. In the end though I think I improved upon the original in some ways. (You’ll have to let me know your thoughts on that – I’d love to hear!)

Ok – so here’s the process – check it out –>
IMG_7507IMG_7509IMG_7513IMG_7518Always wishing I had a studio… For now though I work in our dining room. :)


IMG_7575_SmallI really like to paint around the side edges of my canvas – I find it’s nice because then you don’t feel like you need to frame the final piece if you don’t want to.

Home2_ 2'x3' - acrylic on canvas_Small

Untitled – 2′ x 3′ – acrylic on canvas

Haven’t come up with a title for this new one yet… Any thoughts or ideas??? I’d love some suggestions!


New Art Greeting Cards

In the past month I have received quite a few requests for greeting cards that feature my work and so I’m giving this a whirl! I just posted these set of five cards in my Etsy shop today. It was hard to choose which paintings to print – hopefully I chose well… :)
The cards are 5.5″ x 4″ and they are printed on 100% recycled paper – envelopes are included. You can learn more about the cards just by clicking on the image below.


The Problem With Being A Snob

Every culture and sub-culture in the world is invaded by some form of snobbery or elitism. From fine arts to crafts & handmade goods, from sports to home decorating, from religion to politics, from shopping to farming, from YouTube to Hollywood…  The list could go on and on…

I confess there are many times in my life that I have been a snob – I have fallen prey to numerous different elitist mentalities. The problem with snobbery is that once you are mixed up in it you start to make unwise purchases, hurt people’s feelings and even set yourself up on all sorts of pedestals.  However, over time these pedestals can become hard to balance on, your knees begin to wobble and yet… It can be hard to get down…

I’d like to tell you that it was intelligence, growth and maturity that helped me to climb down from some of my pedestals but it wasn’t… it was actually my 16 year old daughter.

For years my daughter, my Mom and I have run a small business called, A+jewelry & Crafts. We make handmade jewelry, knitting and crocheted items to sell. We started off by just attending local craft sales and fairs but eventually we began an Etsy shop and have been selling our wares online for a couple of years. There is this fun promotional thing on Etsy called ‘Treasuries‘ – it’s a collection of 16 items that you hand pick out of different shops (not your own shop) all over Etsy to help promote and encourage sales. Typically the goal is to choose beautiful, well photographed items that match and look pretty together. If your treasury is really good it might even get picked by Etsy and displayed on the front page for part of a day.

My daughter has great fun making these promotional collections but the unique thing about her treasuries is that she scours Etsy looking for the LEAST favoured items and shops. She purposely fills her treasuries with creations that are overlooked or undervalued and she does an incredible job of featuring them in an appealing way.  She does similar things on other online sites as well including; deviantART where she seeks out and finds the folks who never get much attention, she encourages them and favourites their work.

Why does she do this?

Well, obviously because she is the sweetest thing on two legs (I can say that because I’m her Mother ;) ) and because she understands that it’s not about excellence, standards or perfection – its about your heart… She knows that if you love what you do, if it’s fun and if you find joy in doing/creating it (and you’re not hurting anything or anyone), then that is the “excellence”, that is the “standard”!  And you should never let any snob tell you otherwise, including myself.

The things we learn from our children… :)


My girl and I <3 – We kinda look alike don’t ya think?

A Place You Belong – New Painting


I just realized that it’s been a little while since I posted here – a whole month in fact! EEK! Well that’s what happens with the onset of school, extracurriculars, fall programs and life in general! (Yes, I miss summer already…)

This new painting was slow in the making… but I’m SO excited to finally share it with you!
It was inspired by the photograph pictured below. This shot was taken by my friend Becky McArthur while she was hiking at Welsh Lakes – far back in the mountains behind the Invermere area (BC, Canada). I titled the painting in honour of my friend by calling it, ‘A Place You Belong’. This is most certainly where Becky’s heart belongs – in the mountains.


I always try to set myself up for some kind of challenge while I paint and this time I opted to steer away from my rainbow brights and try a keep my colour palette simple. (You’d think this would be easy… Less colours right? Oh no, trust me, it was SOOOOOOO hard!) I wrestled like crazy to keep myself from adding red, orange and everything else under the sun but in the end I’m happy that I did! I do hope you enjoy seeing my progress!







‘A Place You Belong’ – acrylic on canvas – 16″ x 20″

Old Friends – A New Painting


‘Old Friends’ – acrylic on canvas – 12″ x 16″

This piece was commissioned by an old childhood friend. Her instructions to me were quite simple; she wanted flowers and she liked purple – the rest was up to me.

She is one of those childhood friends who stands out in memory because she smiled constantly, laughed easily and made everything fun. And although I’ve only just recently had the opportunity of reconnecting with her through social media she still gives off that same energy. I wanted her energy to come through in this painting so I chose tulips – they are the heralds of spring, the worlds most cheerful flowers! I painted a single purple tulip to represent my friend and I hoped that minimizing the use of purple would make it more important overall. I also experimented a little with trying to marry my typical flow-y-line style with the more expressive, painterly style of my last two pieces.

Such a fun piece to create! (Here’s hoping she likes it – fingers crossed!)Tulips_Small_05





A Pool Shark, A 40th Birthday & An Experiment


I am breaking WAY out with these two new paintings! ;)

It was my little brother’s 40th birthday this past June and in celebration I had planned to paint a couple pieces for him but life got in the way… So, this past week I finally found a bit of time to create these belated gifts.

My brother is a billiards/pool playing fanatic (in the best way ;) ) and so I knew that he’d love anything pool related.  However, this subject matter is actually WAY out of my comfort zone – as you know I paint flowers, trees and mountains… And then to make things even more complicated (I don’t know why I do these things to myself?!) I decided that this subject matter best suited a loose and more expressive style of painting. Sooooooo different from my typical smooth flowing lines – Oy vey!

In then end though it was a fun painterly experiment and I am really happy with the result. (Oh and I stuck true to my innate need for a LOT of colour – which always make me happy!)

Happy Saturday all!!!


A New Painting – Winged Wonders


Almost all of the care I received from nurses during my hospital stays this past year went above and beyond. I am SO grateful for their time, their care and their expertise. While in hospital I created the small sketch pictured below – it was inspired by all the nurses running to and fro to care for those in need. I called the sketch, ‘Winged Wonders’. I knew that once I was healthy again I’d paint this sketch as an expression of my gratitude. Obviously I’ll never be able to find the particular individuals who directly cared for me but I do hope that the meaning of this piece warms the heart of every nurse who gets a chance to know it. And maybe they’ll feel just a little bit honoured.


It’s funny because most of the pieces I have created in the past year have been commissions and now when it finally came time to paint something that was exclusively my idea it was REALLY hard to do! I know right?!? You’d think I’d fly through it but, OH NO, I struggled all the way! <Rolling my eyes at myself>




It wasn’t until this point that I finally felt like I was finally finding my way but even then I had to push to finish.



Despite my fight to the finish I’m happy with all colours and movement. Part of me wishes some of the airy softness of the sketch had stuck a bit more but sometimes paintings travel their own journey and they can end up in quite a different place from where they began. <grin and shrug>

I hope you enjoyed seeing the process. :)

Have an amazing weekend friends!!!



Winged Wonders – New Painting Coming Up!

Yes – this canvas is finally ready! My husband builds all my canvas frames for me now. It is amazing because I can actually request special custom sizes instead of being forced to use standard sizes. (Thanks hubby! ) We finally got this one stretched this week and it’s ready for paint!
The sketch you see just below the canvas is my plan for this piece. It was drawn during one of my hospital stays in the early summer. (I am feeling much better now – just so ya know.
) I call it ‘Winged Wonders’. I actually sketched it in honour of all of the nurses flying to and fro to care for those in need. I am so grateful for nurses!

BlankCanvas_Small nurses


Dahlias_1'x2'_Acrylic on Canvas_2014_Small

This painting means a great deal to me…

This is a commission that I received in May just before I got ill – it has been waiting a long time. BUT I’m so glad it was waiting!!! I have poured every ounce of joy I could into this piece – it’s a celebration of life! It’s so easy to take day-to-day life for granted… And now that I am starting to recover I am soaking it up. I am even happy to do housework when I can! (Ok, so maybe that will get old quickly but at least for now I’m enjoying it! ;) )

I suppose it’s kinda simple and maybe even a little cheesy but I titled it, ‘Joy’. I hope you like seeing the process.





Kootenay Child Development Centre

CentreThe Kootenay Child development Centre is dedicated to improving the support to families and children with health and development problems. My own family has personally experienced the benefits of having this centre in the Kootenays. I had a lot of time to think while being sick and what often came to mind was children and families who suffer daily with disease, mental illness, or physical disabilities…  This centre was created to help support those kids and families and I love being able to donate and support it whenever I can.

For a long time I have wanted to create a painting for the entrance of the centre. A painting for kids that is full of joy, with lots to explore and find. Once again while in hospital I created this little illustration attached here. I really look forward to painting it one day and hanging it in the centre! Check out their website here –> and their Facebook page here –>